May 15, 2018

Now that our San Jose taproom and brewing facility is up and running, just taking a moment to check back in. It’s been a whirlwind of what – just 1 month now since our opening?! You’ve thrilled us by showing up, loving our beer, and creating the vibe we’ve always dreamed of, by hanging out and becoming part of our community.

Right now, we’ve got amazing, hazy IPA’s like The Ambler, and a new version of NE by S 1st on tap, along with the popular Peach Tea Pale Ale. All of them are highly drinkable, and super tasty session beers that will keep you cool in the heat. The best part is, now you can buy 32 oz. crowlers of any and all of our beer; to take on the road, to the beach — to drink anytime and anywhere you like! We wouldn’t want you to be without your Camino.

What else? As of May 15th We’ve got SHADE! State of the art Meco shades are coming to grace our windows. A big shout out to Mollie’s catering who’s been with us the past few weeks, making fantastic tacos. Also, our courtyard is in the works. By June, the back of the house will have more tables to give you all more space to enjoy good times, outstanding beer, and hang with all creatures great and small.

Can’t wait to see you here. Buen Camino!