The Fall Camino

October 16, 2018

It is finally starting to feel like fall and we are excited about all the beers we have on tap to represent the fall season.

We have officially and successfully brewed Cafe con Leche and N-120 in our brewhouse for the first time! We also canned Cafe con Leche, which can be purchased at the taproom or at many locations across the Bay Area. Both of these are a must try the next time you are in the taproom!

New and back on tap to represent the season, we have an old favorite, Baerista Brown. This Southern Brown Ale style tends to be softer and slightly sweeter than most brown ales. The malt base focuses on amber colored malts and a restrained amount of darker one. The base provides a template for the adjuncts. Lots of chocolate and coffee come through on the nose while the vanilla carries through on the taste. We also brought back W.E.P Schwarz to the tap list to benefit from the fall season as well. It’s a dark, black lager that drinks much lighter than the color indicates. Pilsner malt lends a honey-like sweetness that has a subtle, coffee-like finish.

We have plans for other beers, but for now, you’ll have to stay tuned.

We look forward to the next time we see you in the taproom!

Buen Camino